Our Awards & Recognition

We have been recognised locally and nationally for our top quality work regularly

Times Gujarat Icon 2020

Pride of Gujarat Award 2020

Times Man of the Year 2020

Best Diaphragm Wall Construction Company 2019 by Shri Vijay Rupani

BNI Anthropos Award - Excellent contribution to Region and Chapter

Radio city Award - Safety for Deep Basement

Best Brand Leadership Award - Gujarat 2019

MYFM Leader Award 2020 - Excellence in Construction of Deep Basement

Business Solitaire 2021

Mobile Film Project by Indian Film Project

National Safety Week

Forbes India 2021 - Outstanding work in Diaphragm Wall Construction

Featured in Hindustan Times 2021 - Groundbreaking contribution in Real Estate and Charities

Business Solitaire 2020

Radio city Award - Safety for Deep Basement

Gagan times men of the year 2020

Mr Gagan Goswami x Pride of Gujarat Award 2020

M Shri Vijay Rupani x Gagan Goswami | Best Diaphragm Wall Construction firm