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As pioneers of smart geotechnical solutions like diaphragm wall construction, Heritage Infraspace India Limited (HIPL) holds a legacy of providing a strong and dependable foundation for modern superstructures of India along with the top construction companies in India, and Shilp Group is a leading name among them.

With over 40+ residential and commercial projects, the Shilp group has trusted HIPL with the deep basement projects at signature locations in Ahmedabad.

Learn all about the projects, the challenges faced by HIPL and the solutions developed to positively counter them.

The Client: Shilp Group, builders of excellence.

A name synonymous with quality and integrity, Shilp group has been the master of modern infrastructure. Being among the top construction companies in Ahmedabad, it is known for innovating the real estate industry with its residential and commercial properties that run over 75 lakhs sq. ft.

With a heritage of 18 years, the Shilp group has been the obvious choice in real estate when it comes to creating comfortable, stylish and better living spaces on the foundation of trust, safety, innovation and premium quality.

These core values resonate with HIPL deeply and led to the successful completion of the multi-basement diaphragm wall construction for a few signature Shilp projects.

The Projects: Symbols of trust

From diaphragm walls in dams to the ones for deep basement construction, HIPL has successfully completed multiple projects that hold superstructures of the contemporary world. And with the Shilp group, HIPL has worked on the following projects:


Residential project

1. Shilp Serene

Located in the heart of S.P. ring road, Shilp Serene is a two-basement urban infrastructure with a unique locational advantage. HIPL started the project in the year 2022 and laid down a diaphragm wall (also called D-wall) with anchoring that runs around 13m deep and 220 m in width. As the top diaphragm wall construction company in India, it completed the project within a tenure of 2 months.

Commercial projects

1. Shilp Epitome

This superstructure stands as the epitome of excellence that every construction company in India aims for. With a 14m deep and 200m wide diaphragm wall and anchoring, this commercial property supports a 3-level basement built in around 2.5 months. This project was taken up by HIPL in the year 2018-19.

2. Shivalik Shilp 2

This megastructure has a 3-level basement constructed in the year 2017. HIPL laid down a diaphragm wall along with anchoring within 2.5 months. The diaphragm wall runs 18m deep and 250m wide supporting this 13-floored business hub.

3. Shilp Business Gateway

The Shilp Business Gateway project was taken over by HIPL, the top D-wall construction company in India. It built a 3-level basement with a 20m deep and 229m wide diaphragm wall in 2021 within 1.5 months.

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The Challenges: Hurdles on the path

The major challenges faced by the HIPL team while working on these projects were dynamic and very varied from each other. Mentioned below are a few of them:

1. Unstable soil

Everything starts with the soil when it comes to diaphragm wall construction in dams, metros or even deep basement projects like the ones mentioned above. When HIPL encountered unstable soil at the ground site. With different textures and moisture content, the soil, sometimes even on the same site, was inconsistent and inconvenient to work with.

Poor soil quality brought the challenge of collapsing at any given stage of D-wall construction and anchoring. As a construction company in India that highly values safety, HIPL ensures all standards of safety are met when such challenges come forth.

This also reflects in the top stratum of the soil. For instance, the soil at the Shilp Business Gateway site had a growth of grass making the top layer moist and soft which was not enough to hold the load of the heavy machinery. HIPL faced hindrances in placing and properly utilising the heavy equipment at the site.


2. Previously existing structures

Many times the expert team at HIPL discover existing structures upon excavating the site. One such instance was when the team discovered that a long diaphragm wall already existed as a structural part of the adjacent building.

Such cases make the construction of a D-wall a more sensitive task, as any miscalculation or deeper excavation can harm the adjoining structures, weakening their base or even resulting in collapse or unwanted accidents.

3. Weather influence

Another challenge that all construction companies in India fear is unsuitable weather. During the tenure of a few of the above-mentioned projects, rain hampered the pace and state of the diaphragm wall construction.

With muddy soil all around the construction site, excavation becomes difficult as the soil gets stuck in the tracks and joints of the cranes, the excavated panel may also overflow with rainwater, and the transportation of materials like RMC and the slurry gets hindered.

Additionally with rain, working on the site requires more carefulness as the site becomes muddy and prone to accidents. This also affected the whole course of the plan and the logistic strategies made, causing a possible chance of delay in the completion of the projects.

These were some of the major challenges faced by HIPL during the D-wall construction while working on the above-mentioned sites. And for them, the team ideated respective solutions.

The Solutions: Value-added engineering

HIPL provided diaphragm wall construction services along with professional anchoring services for all four projects with the Shilp group. This accounts for an aggregate of around 900m long D-wall for two and three basement projects.


Along with this, the team strategically and practically tackle all the challenges faced during the course of the construction. Planning in advance, for every contingency, is key to the timely and successful completion of projects. And it is what makes HIPL one of the top D-wall construction companies in India. HIPL was well aware of the challenges any construction company in India would face during the monsoons, like muddy soil, heavy traffic, possible flooding, etc.

Furthermore, to deal with moist soil, the team employed an additional pump at the site that helped transfer the raw material such as RMC, where heavy machinery and equipment could not reach. Debris and more suitable soil were added to the site to help the crane and rigs stay put at the site.

When faced with existing structures, like the existing diaphragm wall of the adjoining building, the team of experienced engineers and skilled labourers constructed a joining diaphragm wall along it. This required scientific calculations, seasoned intellect and practical skills as any miscalculation could lead to grave consequences.

The Equipment: Quality at work

HIPL is well-known in the D-wall construction industry for its biggest fleet of modern construction equipment and machinery. This makes it the best diaphragm wall construction company in India. For the projects mentioned above the following machines were used:

1. Casagrande B-125 Hydraulic Rig

2. Cranes

3. Polymer tank

4. RMC mixer

5. JCB

6. Excavators

7. Anchor machine

The Results: Outcomes of excellence

All the projects were completed within a time period of 2-3 months successfully without many difficulties. This includes the construction of sturdy diaphragm walls with anchoring along with multiple quality tests for the raw materials used. The diaphragm walls built today hold these marvellously engineered architectures and provide sturdy support to them.

As a result of these projects, HIPL could positively contribute to the growth of more contemporary, sustainable and strong superstructures with the Shilp group, who provided all basement plans, raw materials, permissions and other requirements for construction on time.

The transparency, support and core values shared by both HIPL and Shilp group lead to paving a dependable base for these futuristic structures.

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HIPL works earnestly when it comes to diaphragm walls in dams, meteors and deep-basement residential and commercial projects. To know more about them, drop an email at or call 07926840355.

Let’s engineer a strong foundation for the future together.

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