Heritage Infraspace India Limited (HIPL) works with various national and local government bodies and construction companies in building crucial water supply infrastructure in Gujarat and all over the country. In 2018, HIPL got the opportunity to work on the structural concrete diaphragm wall construction for the Odhav Pump House.

Here’s a look into the challenges faced by HIPL, solutions provided by the Heritage Infraspace diaphragm wall team and the crucial observations made during the project.

The client : Ankita Constructions and Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation

Ankita Constructions is an Ahmedabad-based construction company specializing in waste water and sewerage treatment plants for residential and commercial properties.

Ankita Constructions and Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation

Amdavad (Ahmedabad) Municipal Corporation is the local government body that is responsible for the infrastructure and administration of the city of Ahmedabad.

Ankita Construction joined hands with Heritage Infraspace India Limited for this particular project since they have the experience of working on many water treatment, storage and supply plants, while HIPL is the pioneer in structural concrete diaphragm wall construction.

The Odhav Pump House in Ahmedabad can collect, store and treat storm water underground and supply it to the adjoining areas of the city.

Projects awarded to HIPL for the Odhav Pump House

The project of building a storm water pump house in Odhav, east Ahmedabad was awarded to Ankita Constructions by the Amdavad Municipal Corporation

The project given to HIPL was of concrete diaphragm wall construction for the underground water storage tank.

Since HIPL has the experience and expertise of working on ground engineering for underground construction projects, we were brought into work on the initial stages of building the water pump.

What makes this project very unique, is the fact that no anchors were used during the diaphragm wall construction, which showcases HIPL’s engineering expertise in water tight projects like these.

Challenges in this project

There were two major challenges faced by the engineering teams and ground workers of HIPL during this project: Extremely muddy soil and active movement of public and vehicular traffic.

Right off the bat, the engineering teams realised that the soil on the top layer of the land was not the best, upon excavating further, it was found out that the soil would keep collapsing. This was a major challenge in building the guide wall for the project.

Odhav in East Ahmedabad is considered to be a highly active region with constant vehicular traffic and residents moving on foot. This meant that the project had to be run without disturbing any of the adjoining areas, their structures or the connecting streets.

Solutions provided by HIPL

The Heritage Infraspace diaphragm wall team built a formidable diaphragm wall that was equivalent to the depth of a 3 Basement Wall built for any residential or commercial structure, of 18 metres in depth and 200 running metres of distance.

Soil engineering was a crucial part of this project, given that the bad quality of soil would have led to major difficulties in the construction of the guide wall and further parts of the diaphragm wall. This required our specialised engineers to be on ground to study the behaviour of the soil and strategise a solution to solve it.

The project was completed within the stipulated time period of 2 months, with no delay or hiccups in the delivery.

Solutions provided by HIPL

Equipment and machines used for Odhav Pump House

HIPL is well-known in the industry for its great fleet of modern construction equipment and machinery, which makes it one of the best diaphragm wall and piling construction companies in India.

For the Odhav Pump House, HIPL had its fleet of Casagrande B125 on ground, a specialist contractor equipment to perform large diameter rotary and CFA piling for the construction of diaphragm wall.

Important observations made by HIPL about this project

When a unique project like this comes on board, the team at HIPL notes down crucial points of observation, which helps us understand past and future challenges in projects like these. It also helps engineering teams strategise better and ensure there is no room for error. Given below are the observations:

The top down construction method was used in construction of the structural diaphragm wall in this project. Which meant, no anchors were used, but beams and struts to hold up the wall.

The time duration provided by the client was 60 days. Which meant even a single day’s delay would see the cost of the project shoot up for both HIPL and the client.

Quality of the soil was something that hindered the project the most. The soil had to be managed using various ground engineering solutions to ensure it held its position and not collapse every time some kind of a pressure was exerted on it.

Safety of the workers was paramount. Ensuring adequate safety gear for everyone in the 60-members team working on ground, as underground water tanks are notorious for their trapped gases.

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