DLF Downtown

Delhi, India
DLF Downtown 15

Challenges Faced

  • Everything was required to be built from the ground up. The planning and construction of such projects can be tricky.
  • Our engineers and technicians had to be precise while constructing the Diaphragm wall due to the uneven soil.
  • The site was located next to a bustling multi-lane stretch that saw heavy traffic snarls regularly.

Solutions Provided

  • The ground up technique was applied to lay down a 600 mm diaphragm wall for this project.
  • With our expertise in working on all kinds of terrains, the project was completed in 3 months.
  • The project site was well encased and protected to ensure nobody on the inside or outside had any troubles.


A sneak-peak into how the project was executed by our professional and efficient teams.


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