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In the construction industry, ground anchor bolts are used to link structural and non-structural items to the concrete. An assembly of several components, such as anchor bolts, steel plates, and stiffeners, is used to form the connection.
Anchoring helps in transferring tension and shear forces between the structural elements. We own the most advanced Anchoring Rig (Casagrande C6), which helps reduce project costs, time, and quality.

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Solutions we provide

  • Cast-in anchors including headed bolts, hooked bolts and headed studs.
  • Post-installed anchors including expansion anchors, undercut anchors, and adhesive anchors.
  • Lateral support to the diaphragm wall to sustain force from the top.

The Process

  • A drill rig is used to drill boreholes of 150 to 180 mm, at 15 to 30 degrees and the anchor tendon is put into the hole in the center.
  • Upon completion of boring, the borehole is cleaned through compressed air.
  • A low relaxation prestressed steel (LRPC) strand is inserted into the bore and the anchor is grouted.
  • The anchor head is then pre-tensioned by jacking after 7 to 10 days, and the anchor heads are set in place.
  • The anchor is later distressed after the slab casting is done.
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