Diaphragm Wall

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Diaphragm walls are generally reinforced concrete walls, constructed in the ground using an under-slurry technique developed in Europe. This technique involves excavating a narrow trench that is kept full of an engineered fluid of slurry. This way, walls with thickness ranging between 300 mm to 1200 mm can be formed as deep as 45 meters underneath. Inclined rock or soil anchors are used for this purpose.
Diaphragm walls are commonly used while constructing structures with deep basements in congested areas, as they can be installed in close proximity to the existing structures.

Diaphragm 1

Solutions we provide

  • Diaphragm Wall construction in congested spaces.
  • Soil management to ensure neighbouring structures aren’t disturbed.
  • Usage of advanced Casagrande excavation rigs for timely and effective execution of the projects.

The Process

  • Stage 1: Fixing of Alignment
  • Stage 2: Guide wall Construction
  • Stage 3: Trenching
  • Stage 4: Trench Cleaning
  • Stage 5: Stop ends fixing
  • Stage 6: Reinforcement Cage lowering
  • Stage 7: Placing of Concrete
  • Stage 8: Withdrawal of Stop ends
  • Stage 9: Excavation and Anchoring
  • Stage 10: Stressing and Final Level of Excavation
Diaphragm wall


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