Instilling Strong Foundations for The Future

Piling is a kind of deep foundation construction done to transfer and manage the structural load on a deeper level. The piles used in this type of construction are long cylindrical structures made of concrete, wood or steel, pushed into the ground to provide sturdy support to the structures built on it.

The 2 common types of pile foundations are End Bearing piles, the one where the bottom of it rests on a strong surface bypassing the weak and strong layer of soil, and Friction piles, which transfers the load of the building to the soil across the full height of the pile, by friction.

Building pile foundations is an ideal option when the water table is high and the soil layer on the surface is weaker for more than 2 meters, the structure above has heavy, concentrated loads and the spread footing won’t be able to bear the weight. So the building structure needs to bypass this layer and transfer the weight to the stronger base at depth.

Piling (1)
Piling 3

Solutions We Provide

  • Precast Concrete Piles to bring extra strength. We offer precast piles in different sizes and shapes as required by the construction project. These piles can be pre-stressed too.
  • Cast-in-situ concrete piles, with and without casing. A steel casing driven into the soil, with a mandrel placed inside and withdrawn later to be filled with concrete.

The Process

  • Bored cast-in situ pile is constructed by digging a hole in the ground by percussive or rotary method.
  • Drilling of mud is done using a temporary or permanent casing.
  • Drilling buckets are adapted for digging loose, cohesionless soil or soft clays below the water table.
  • Next, the construction is finalised by filling the hole with reinforced concrete.


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