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Concrete is the most vital material in modern-day construction. RMC stands for ready-mixed concrete, which is concrete that is manufactured and delivered in a ready-to-use state. RMC reduces shrinkage, cracking tendencies and volume change, and hence it is the ideal solution for construction projects with tight deadlines. Heritage Infrastructure has its own Schwing Stetter 60 cubic meter RMC plant, active since 2019. The fleet at the plan includes 12 transit mixers, 2 stationary pumps, and 1 boom placer with a boom length of 37 meters.
The concrete is mixed in a fixed mixer, in a central batching and mixing machine or in a truck mixer and delivered to the buyer in a fresh state, either on-site or in the buyer's vehicles.
Creating our own RMC helps us in saving high costs and time in our projects and as a result, we can complete our projects before the deadline and in a cost-effective manner.


Solutions we provide

  • Heritage Infraspace manufactures their own RMC in Hebatpur, Ahmedabad.
  • Our RMC services help in cutting extra costs with higher quality of concrete.

The Process

  • First, we mix a solution of cement, water and added materials.
  • The RMC is produced in our 60 cubic meter Schwing Stetter plant.
  • The produced material, the concrete, then undergoes multiple quality checks.
  • Our special supply trucks are then ready to load concrete and deliver it to the project site.


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