Top down construction

Constructing Top Down Construction structures

The top down construction method is one of the most effective ways of conducting deep excavations to build strong basements for superstructures. In this type of construction, a permanent structure is built from the top to bottom while excavating in levels towards the basement, as a retaining diaphragm wall provides support.

The entire process saves a lot of valuable time and helps complete the project well within the deadlines. This type of construction method is ideal in building modern-day superstructures like skyscrapers with basement storage units and parking lots, underpasses for subways and stations for metro trains.

Top down construction 2

Solutions we provide

  • Deep Excavation for site. Building diaphragm wall as a retaining wall for the deep basement.
  • Multi-level deep excavation using the most modern excavators with minimal disturbances
  • Building strong basement slabs and multiple roof slabs to aid the excavation process and the next stage of basement construction.

The Process

  • Stage 1: A diaphragm wall as a supportive retaining wall is constructed.
  • Stage 2: The first stage of excavation is conducted at the roof slab level, with the help of struts for support.
  • Stage 3: More roof slabs are constructed with spacious openings to allow the machinery to pass through and excavate further, and for the dug up materials to be removed.
  • Stage 4: Excavation continues with each required level until the base slab levels are reached
  • Stage 5: The base slab and walls for the basement are constructed. All non-permanent access openings are sealed shut.
  • Stage 6: Backfilling above the roof slab is done to reinstate the surface environment.
Top down construction


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