PVC Water Stopper

The perfect shield to our buildings

Water Stoppers are flexible strips made of plastic or rubber, that act as a physical barrier to water at concrete joints, most commonly in basements, water retention structures such as tanks, swimming pools, structural foundations, and other underground buildings.
Waterstops are also known as Water Bars, are used to seal construction connections. We produce our own water stoppers which helps us in saving massive material costs during construction.

Water stopper
Water stopper 2

Solutions we provide

  • Manufacturing of customised water stoppers for our own project requirements.
  • Supplying water stopper strips for large scale construction projects.
  • Leakage and seepage prevention solutions for pre-constructed structures.

The Process

  • First, we mix the hydrophilic agent Bentonite with water
  • Depending on the required size, long, pulled out strips are cut and rolled
  • This is followed by a series of sample tests and quality checks for expansion and water absorption
  • The long strips of water stops are then instilled into concrete joints during construction
Water stopper 3


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