Heritage Infraspace India Limited (HIPL) is known in the infrastructure industry as the best diaphragm wall construction service provider for deep basements in India. As pioneers of the deep basement diaphragm walls, HIPL has worked on several residential and commercial projects collaborating with prominent names from the real estate industry. One such residential complex project is the Super Shaligram under Shaligram Group in Gurgaon.

Here’s a deep-dive into the observations made, challenges faced, and solutions provided during the construction phase of this project.

The client – Shaligram Group

Shaligram Group is an Ahmedabad-based construction company specialising in residential and commercial property construction. Shaligram Group joined hands with Heritage Infraspace India Limited for this particular project since they have the experience of building many modern high rise residential projects, while HIPL is the pioneer in providing the best diaphragm wall construction service in the country.

Projects awarded to HIPL for Super Shaligram

The Shaligram group wanted only the top diaphragm wall construction contractors in India to work on this project, as it is considered to be one of the marquee projects in their portfolio. This project began in August 2022 and HIPL was assigned to build an 18.5 metres deep diaphragm wall for the 3- basement project named Super Shaligram. HIPL also did 2 levels of anchoring alongside the diaphragm wall construction.

(Note: This is an ongoing project, HIPL plans to complete it by mid-November 2022)

Challenges in this project

This project was located in the Gota area of Ahmedabad, which has a lot of trees and vegetation in and around the main streets and lanes.

During the excavation for the deep basement diaphragm wall, a few previously built structures in and around the plot had to be broken down.

The plot of land chosen for construction was earlier used as a recreational ground where a lot of outdoor events were held. As these events usually set up temporary tents and stages, the top strata of the soil had become very soft.

deep basement diaphragm wall

Another major challenge was that this project was green lit when the monsoon season was in full swing. This is a problem that causes concerns for all diaphragm wall construction contractors in India.

As the excavation for panelling began, a water bore pipeline was discovered inside. And it was informed that this line cannot be removed or moved away.

There was another ongoing project happening at the next plot and additional care had to be taken so as to ensure no damage to their part of the plot occurs due to the excavation.

Solutions provided by HIPL

HIPL suggested the client seek requisite permission to clear excess vegetation in and around the site, as it would have been a logistical nightmare to move heavy equipment and material with such hindrances.

As there were intermittent rains every day, the HIPL team ensured all the excavated soil was moved away and the site was kept clean and dry. Because leaving muck behind will cause hindrance to the machines and the workers in moving around.

The engineers of HIPL added double plates beneath the base of all the heavy equipment and machinery, to ensure their wheels, chains and gears do not sink into the soft soil due to the weight.


Equipment and machines used for this project

HIPL had its best fleet on the ground to ensure that the work began and continued at great pace and effectively. The machinery on the ground included the Casagrande B125 a specialist contractor equipment to perform large diameter rotary and CFA piling for the construction of diaphragm wall.

The Casagrande B200 was also in action, which is a hydraulic rig used in the diaphragm wall construction. 3 cranes were used in lifting and lowering the diaphragm wall cages, while one excavator worked in tandem to ensure all the required digging and soil excavation was done on the go.

Important observations made by HIPL about this project

The project site was somewhat in the interior of the Gota area, away from all the vehicular traffic and public movement. This meant the flow of work was smoother, without many interruptions.

All the requisite permissions in regards to construction, demolishment, tree clearances, etc were managed by the client, this meant the HIPL teams could focus on the job on hand.

Upon clearing the first layer of soft soil, the engineers found that the soil was of good quality on this site, and it was firm enough to build a running diaphragm wall up to 3 basements.

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