Residential & commercial building diaphragm walls


Diaphragm Wall For Residential & Commercial Buildings

Heritage Infraspace provides major geotechnical and foundational construction solutions to help people scale up their lives and provide collaborative spaces for businesses.

We help in construction of multi-storeyed commercial complexes, business houses and industrial units. We also work on residential projects that provide housing solutions in urban cities all over the country.

Challenges we solve Diaphragm Wall For Residential & Commercial Buildings:

  • Heritage Infraspace ensures that any project’s construction does not interfere with neighbouring structures.
  • Our fleet of advanced machinery and tools help us complete projects in efficient and cost-effective ways.
  • Our teams are trained and experienced in working on diverse terrains, different climates and other logistical scenarios.

Services we provide for building construction:

  • We offer top-down style of construction for large scale projects.
  • We help with consultation and construction of the Diaphragm wall.
  • We further offer Piling, Anchoring and RMC for construction activities.


A sneak-peak into how the project was executed by our professional and efficient teams.


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