All tall and lasting structures around the world have one thing in common, and that is a “strong base”. Heritage Infraspace India Ltd (HIPL), as the pioneer of ground engineering solutions and having worked with leading metro construction companies in India, believes so more than anything. Especially when it comes to constructing a sturdy, durable diaphragm retaining wall, and building a strong foundation for young engineering minds.

One such instance was the Summer Training Program 2022 on Diaphragm Walls in partnership with Knowledge Studio in Ahmedabad. Knowledge studio hosted civil engineering students, industry professionals and construction entrepreneurs cum developers for 3 days of interactive sessions with HIPL’s engineers about Diaphragm wall construction and the various nuances of deep basement anchoring projects.

Read ahead to know all about this HIPL Summer Training Program 2022.

The Program Brief: A tale of sharing excellence and experience

Knowledge Studio by Neha Consultants in Ahmedabad joined hands with HIPL to hold a one-of-a-kind workshop aimed at bridging the knowledge and experience gap between students and the industry.

It was an open session held on 20th June 2022 and covered various segments of diaphragm wall construction in detail.

The program would also help popularise the field of diaphragm wall construction for deep basements in civil engineering and building construction companies.

The event was held from 20th to 22nd June 2022, which included 1 day of classroom sessions, and 2 days of active site visits with experts.

Mr. Pranil Chakraborty, the General Manager of HIPL conducted the sessions on Day 1, and discussed topics like diaphragm retaining wall, anchoring, the process, the importance of soil testing, and top-down construction.

50 people signed up for this 3 days training program which majorly consisted of civil engineering students from universities in Ahmedabad.

The audience consisted of industry professionals and associates from various building construction companies wanting to learn about the subject matter of ground engineering solutions for deep foundation projects.

For the remaining two days, team HIPL took the participants for on-site practical sessions about diaphragm wall construction and multi-basement anchoring respectively.

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Mr Imran Mondal and Mr Gaurav Patel from HIPL educated the students about the practical implications of diaphragm walls, the equipment and machinery involved, and the whole construction process.

On the third day, Mr Neel Shah familiarised the attendees with multi-level anchoring for deep basement projects.

As a trusted diaphragm wall construction partner to major metro construction companies in India, HIPL keeps to the standard of safety on every project. The same was extended when students and other attendees visited HIPL’s construction site.

The Partners for the Training Program on Diaphragm Retaining Walls:

This summer program was a collaborative effort of Knowledge Studio by Neha Consultants and HIPL.

Neha Consultants is an architectural and real estate construction consultancy based out of Ahmedabad, founded by Mr. Nitesh Shah.

They have consulted and assisted major real estate developers all over the country, and have completed over 2000 projects in the past 3 decades.

Knowledge Studio by Neha Consultants is an initiative to provide students and interested individuals with an opportunity to learn and interact with industry experts, gain practical insights and expand the horizon of learning.

The Vision & Reason:

As the market leader of diaphragm walls for deep basements, HIPL aims to bring the acquired knowledge and experience to the young engineering minds of the country.

Introducing them to the challenges, solutions, people behind it, the modern engineering and machinery involved, tried and tested methods, and sustainable solutions to on-site complexities.

The Challenges faced:

Since the training workshop involved 2 days of site visit, ensuring every participant followed the safety protocols was a task on hand.

A plan was in place to ensure that the visit does not hinder the workflow at the site. Any disturbance caused to the workflow could turn out to be a big challenge.

Diaphragm wall being a largely unexplored segment of civil engineering, covering the salient points in mere 3 days’ worth of course was a challenge.

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Results of the Training Program:

The session proved to be successful to cement the gap between college students and active professionals. With the combined learnings from the expert lecture on the first day and the on-site engagement on the second and third day, many misconceptions and problems concerning diaphragm wall construction and anchoring were cleared up.

Students and working professionals shared words of appreciation and amusement for the training program. Since the event had no age limit it was a great opportunity to connect with many civil engineers in the industry.

Henceforth, all students were given participation certificates by Neha Consultant, awarded by Mr Ganag Goswami, the founder of Heritage Infraspace India Limited. Mr Nitesh Shah also shared a special note towards the end.

HIPL being one of the leading diaphragm wall construction companies takes pride in providing durable diaphragm wall and piling solutions for subways, dams, metros and even for a building construction company. Drop an email to to know more about what we do.

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