With a legacy of over 300 projects, Heritage Infraspace has secured a position among the top diaphragm wall construction companies in India. And as the leading name in diaphragm wall design and construction, it has always upheld the principles of value-added engineering in every project.

Heritage Infraspace India Limited believes that every strong and durable foundation laid today shapes a more reliable future. With this in mind, it ensures top-notch safety and quality deep basement construction that is completed well before the ending period.

Take a look into the key factors that make HIPL the best diaphragm wall construction company in India..

What makes HIPL a notch above the top diaphragm wall construction companies?

The answer to ‘what makes HIPL among the best construction companies in India for deep basements lies within the sturdy and durable foundation of the Central Secretariat, DLF Downtown, Delhi Metro and many other significant projects.

Apart from this, HIPL holds an esteemed position among the construction companies in India for the following services in deep basements projects:

  • A promise of safety for all
  • Uncompromised Construction Quality
  • Completion Before Time
  • Usage of Advanced Machinery
  • Professional Experts Driving Skilled Workforce
  • Providing Value-added Engineering

Let us discover each element in detail.

promise of safity

A promise of safety for all

As one of the best construction companies for deep basements, HIPL ensures safety for all at two levels. First is the on-site safety of the qualified engineers, working staff members and supervisors. Each site has qualified safety managers and officers that make sure all safety measures are met and safety regulations are duly followed

Secondly, HIPL ensures that the safety of upcoming residents and office owners is never compromised by employing advanced machinery and quality materials during the construction of deep basement diaphragm walls.

Every person that visits the site, whether the workers or the client is given safety gear including a helmet, gloves, safety boots and jacket. For those welding the iron mesh, face shields and glasses are provided.

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However, what takes HIPL a notch above other diaphragm wall construction companies in India is the daily reminder drill of safety instructions done by every individual present on the site.

Uncompromised Construction Quality

All long-lasting construction marvels have a strong base built with quality materials. Hence Heritage Infraspace follows rigorous standards of quality, from appointing a highly qualified ground team to using the best materials for the construction of the diaphragm walls.

Being among the best construction companies in India for deep basement diaphragm walls, HIPL stepped in to fill the quality gap in the material used in construction sites pan India.

Hence it started its very own RMC plant to enable the high reach of assured quality concrete for all types of construction activities.

The materials used on the site go through multiple tests to get the optimised properties. All stages of construction are completed under expert guidance that verifies even the tiniest details from aligning the metal cage to the centre, to using GI (Galvanised Iron) wire for anti-corrosion benefits.

Completion Before Time

The biggest reason major residential and commercial property groups trust HIPL as their partner diaphragm wall construction company in India is the fact that it completes the project well within the committed time frame. Even in record-breaking times at multiple instances while maintaining the best standard for engineering.

This has made it a leading name even among the best diaphragm wall construction companies in India. Factors like foolproof planning, soil testing before construction, a skilled and hardworking workforce, advanced machinery and efficient execution by leading engineers aid HIPL in the timely execution of its projects way ahead of the agreed time period.

Team Heritage sees every external deadline as a challenge and hence sets an internal deadline that drives every member on the ground to work efficiently, from the top management to the dedicated ground team.

Completion Before Time

Usage of Advanced Machinery

With over 20 Casagrande Hydraulic Rigs, 28 types of cranes, 11 anchor machines with compressors, 21 JCBs, and 6 excavators, HIPL leads as the best diaphragm wall construction company in India.

HIPL truly builds the future with modern technology and advanced machinery making up the largest fleet of Casagrande rigs in the country. Along with them, it has crawler cranes, earth movers and anchor rigs, imported directly from Europe and maintained with the highest standards.

The usage of advanced machinery at every diaphragm wall construction site greatly aids HIPL in completing the project earlier than the estimated time. Additionally to this, all the machines like the Hydraulic Rigs, cranes and anchoring machines have a safety fire extinguisher placed for any emergency.


Professional Experts Driving Skilled Workforce

HIPL hosts many of the leading industry experts in the management segment as well as site officers. Its founder, Mr Gagan Goswami has leadership and engineering experience for over 27 years before he laid the foundation for Heritage Infraspace India Limited.

With a strength of 800 expert minds and over 3000 site workers all across India, HIPL leads among the best construction companies in India.

Providing Value-added Engineering

Every project for HIPL boils down to providing value-added engineering and efficient geotechnical solutions for large-scale residential and commercial construction.
From establishing its own RMC plants for a quick and sufficient supply of quality concrete to running a 3-month quality inspection at all underground metro projects every effort is directed towards providing the best to our clients.

HIPL aims to provide cost-effective solutions for any kind of challenge on-site and ensures the timely completion of the project. Additionally, having a committed team that follows the highest standard of professional ethics is appreciated by all our clients.

These factors palace HIPL a notch above the rest.

Central Vista: A Specimen of the best Construction Company in India

As the pioneers diaphragm wall construction company in India, HIPL was trusted by L&T Limited for the Central Vista project.

HIPL’s skilled team at the site successfully build a 600 to 800 mm concrete diaphragm wall, running over 1500 metres, within a 6-month window. Alongside this, soil anchoring at a separation of  2.5 metres was done.

For this, HIPL employed its most sophisticated equipment including Casagrande B125 and B200 rigs, excavators, earthmovers and JCBs.

Its expertise and work professionalism helped HIPL to successfully meet all challenges during the project.

Whether it be excavating and constructing diaphragm walls without causing a hairline of damage to the historical structure surrounding the site or delivering the project well within the promised deadlines with impromptu NGT notice to stop all local development in and around Delhi.

HIPL’s trained team followed extreme caution at every step, and for this, it was awarded recognition from L&T Group and the Central Government.

This makes it a leading name among the best construction companies in India

Best construction company in India | HIPL

In conclusion

HIPL is undoubtedly one of the best diaphragm wall construction companies in India. With its rich experience, state-of-the-art equipment, and a team of skilled professionals, HIPL has successfully completed several high-profile projects, establishing its reputation as a trusted and reliable construction company in the country.

HIPL’s commitment to quality, safety, and timely completion of projects has accumulated recognition from clients across the country.

Whether it is a commercial, industrial, government or infrastructure project, HIPL as a construction company in India,  has the expertise and capability to deliver outstanding results.

If you are looking for a reliable partner for your next construction project, HIPL is definitely worth considering. To know more about HIPL and its endeavours drop an email at info@www.heritageconstruction.in.

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